In A Nutshell: 5 Reasons Why People Love or Hate Obama

I finally understand how people think when it comes to politics in America!

The American electorate is pretty much divided when it comes to judging President Obama’s performance. Though far from the statistical methods employed by Nate Silver at, my research and analysis has lead me to conclude that people’s perceptions of the president are almost entirely dependent on their political, social, and religious beliefs.

The 5 Reasons Why Liberals and Moderates Love President Obama:

  1. The Affordable Care Act
  2. Pulled out of Iraq and Afghanistan
  3. Killed Osama Bin Laden. Deposed Gadhafi (Libya) and Mubarak (Egypt)
  4. Passed the economic stimulus bill. Saved the automobile industry
  5. Appointed two women (The first Hispanic) to the Supreme Court

The 5 Reasons Why Conservatives and Tea Partiers Hate Barack Hussein Obama

  1. He’s not a real American but from Hawaii (we all know that Hawaii does not count)  and he’s Black
  2. He’s a lawless criminal who should be impeached and he’s Black
  3. He does not protect the border letting in all those little kids from Mexico, Portugal, and Japan and he’s Black
  4. He wants to take away my guns, rifles, bazookas, and surface-to-air missiles and he’s Black
  5. He’s probably the anti-Christ and he’s Black



One comment

  1. Lisa Atkinson

    I love this Hernan. I have been missing your political posts on Facebook though. What’s up with all the futbol posts? BTW…next time one of the racist tea baggers on my FB page post something against Obama, I’m thinking of pissing them off by posting this blog on their page. Love yah!


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