The Bus is Not Too Crowded

If any of you have had the fortune (or misfortune) to rely on public transportation, you may have experienced this unusual phenomena. You are making your way onto a crowded bus. As you climb the steps, you realize that the bus is packed but there is enough room for one more passenger. That passenger would be you of course. The bus rumbles on towards the next bus stop. As it slows to pick up its next load of passengers you wonder why the bus is stopping. You conclude that the bus is at maximum capacity and cannot absorb more passengers. In other words, there is enough space for you but once on board, it is now too crowded.

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Much like the bus commute analogy, many in this country feel that there is not enough room for new immigrants. The pure venom spewing from many so-called “patriotic” groups against the children making their way into the U.S. at our southern border, is as moronic as it is ugly.  Let’s be absolutely clear here. The anti-immigrant wave is lead by a resentful, xenophobic, ethnocentric segment of our population. The veneer of patriotism lightly veils their deep rooted racism. Not surprisingly, this paranoia is propagated by leaders of the right wing element and the conservative entertainment industry in this country. This covert (and many times overt) racism is the new recruiting tool for the “persecuted”. And it’s working.

As the national demographic continues to shift towards the minority soon becoming the majority, many people feel under siege. Pretty much like how the Native Americans must of felt when white settlers forcibly removed them from their homelands and onto reservations. Throughout history, cultures and societies have been absorbed and transformed. And there is no stopping the eventual transformation of American culture. As has occurred since colonial times, our nation continues to evolve. It’s not a matter of if our culture will change but when and how quickly will this happen. Whereas, many feel that our society has matured to the point of self-actualization, I contend that we have just entered the initial stage of our cultural puberty. And with this will come great change.

And so the “patriots” who want to keep this nation “pure” can kick and scream all they want. Those who decry the melting pot will continue to distance and isolate themselves into their very own physical and cultural enclaves; Self-exile. The new reservation…

The bus will continue to run. The bus will continue to pick up new passengers. The bus is not too crowded.



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