After The Reelection

In 1936, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was reelected to his second term as President of the United States. The country was still suffering from the pain of the Great Republican Depression of 1929-30. During FDR’s first term, he initiated numerous strategic actions to relieve the American people from the economic misery they were suffering. And while doing so, create the conditions for an economic recovery.

Fast forward nearly 8 decades, and we see our President, Barack Obama, facing eerily similar circumstances.  The nation’s recovery is still in limbo, still suffering from the disastrous economic policies of the past administration (FDR-Hoover; Obama-Bush). There remains a very serious and real banking crisis in the world (FDR actually closed all banks for a week in 1933). FDR faced a mysterious and somewhat secretive oil millionaire from Kansas in Alf Landon, while the current President will face ex-Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney who continues to hide his tax returns from the American people.

What President Obama needs to do if reelected, is to forcibly push his economic agenda in much the same way that FDR did during the first 100 days of his first term. President Obama must, for the sake of the country, assume a less passive and conciliatory approach in dealing with the so-called Tea Party and their Republican cohorts with their reckless approach to dealing with this economic crisis.

FDR warned the Republicans back then, that he would push his agenda with or without them for the sake of the nation. This President needs to do the same. There are many liberals out there who want the President to show the courage that FDR demonstrated while in office. And although times have changed since FDR’s presidency, the basic struggle between what is right and what is wrong has not. One cannot negotiate in a bipartisan manner with those who would rather see the ship sink than to help the captain save the ship.



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