Earth To Iran: Grow Up!

An open letter to the circus of fools currently oppressing the Iranian people!:

 Dear Iran,

I hope that when you read this letter, you have stopped killing your own citizens.

Okay, the elections are over and the clerics have decided that incumbent Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has won the elections fair and square. Never mind that the votes were hand counted at the speed of light and Mr. Ahmadinejad was declared the winner by a near 2 to 1 margin. Never mind that second place finisher Mir Hossein Mousavi lost his home district by a similar incredible margin. Never mind that the Iranian people did not accept this electoral result. Yet, you are blaming the “west” for the unrest at home.

 C’mon Iran! Give us a freaking break!

Are your clerics really that stupid? For years now there have been a growing group of individuals in the west who have championed dialogue with your regime, despite mutual distrust. With the election of Barack Obama as US president, there was a very real opportunity for dialogue and reacceptance into the global fold. President Obama had made overtones to that effect. So what do you do? You run a Zimbabwe-like presidential election and when your own people peacefully protest the results, you go ahead and kill them! Then you have the audacity to blame everyone under the sun for the unrest.

 Get it through your thick totalitarian head Iran… Only you are to blame!

In just a few short weeks, you have managed to destroy what little sympathy and legitimacy your government had in the eyes of the global community. Making matters more ridiculous, one of your powerful clerics, Ayatollah Zeinolabedeen Ghorbani has stated, “anyone still saying they don’t accept the results … should be ashamed of themselves as a believer and a Muslim.”  Such a stupid statement would be hilarious if not for the fact that many actually accept this as true. Another idiot, Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, has called for protesters to repent and seek forgiveness from God. Comments such as these make your nation look foolish and backwards.

I hope that you guys get your act together really soon. In the mean time, we’ll be here sitting and watching; laughing and crying.




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