Iran Remains Tense: Tribute To Neda

As the situation in Iran continues to deteriorate, the government has stepped up its bloody repression against its citizens. Opposition presidential candidates Mehdi Karroubi and Mohsen Rezai have quietly scaled back their criticism of the electoral fraud perpetrated by the government while Mir Hussein Moussavi continues defiant. Declared winner Mahmoud Ahmadinejad held a victory celebration that was attended by less than half of the members of parliament. Reports contend that Tehran remains tense.


Earlier this week I posted a tribute piece about Neda the young lady executed by Basij paramilitary thugs. The image of her lifeless body has become a symbol for the opposition. I received a response to the piece from Luis Tijerina. His comment included a poem which I thought was both touching and beautifully written. With Mr. Tijerina’s permission, I have reprinted the poem. Thank you Luis for your moving words!

 (For The Iranian People)
Your beautiful face and voice speak to us
in the streets, on the rooftops of Tehran,
O Neda, O Neda!
Voice of the stars, voice of the earth, voice of the people…
Your death will be remembered
where you have fallen, the street is swelling
 with protesters who have taken up your banner.
Who will ever forget seeing you die bravely
among those marching in rage against the dictator,
against the tyrannies in your country!
Your name is now the “call” to humanity,
It is our voice for all time.
                                                                 Luis Tijerina

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