Governor Sanford Confesses: Hold The Applause

As reported on my last blog piece, South Carolina’s Republican Governor, Mark Sanford’s hiking trip excuse seemed “fishy”. As it turned, the governor was enjoying a brief sabbatical from both his state and his family in Argentina with his mistress. His political career in shambles, the clock continues to tick towards resignation hour. In a poll conducted by The State, a Colombia SC newspaper, readers responded that he should resign at a 70% clip. Yet, for some insane reason, the governor has yet to indicate that he will be quitting.

I am sure that there are many people out there whining that the “liberal media” is piling on the governor in his moment of crisis. Granted, this is a tragedy for his family. Surely, this will not be the last high profile politician to be caught having an affair. What makes this case unique is that he clearly was derelict in his duty by simply vanishing without explanation. He lied to his wife. He lied to his staff. He lied to his constituents. Did he really think that no one was going to uncover this tryst? If he did, then he deserves this harsh treatment not for having an affair but for being stupid enough for thinking he could get away with it unscathed. His mea culpa press conference was bizarre and he still continues to be deceptive.

Someone in the Republican Party needs to stand up and say enough! The party is in complete shambles. Last week, Senator Ensign of Nevada admitted to his Republican colleagues at a caucus meeting that he had an affair with a former staffer. The caucus responded with a round of applause. That’s right… applause!  Does this sound like the party of family values? The Republican Party for years has excoriated the Democrats for their “deviant” views on traditional values.  What has become apparent is that the Republican Party’s stance on values is fraudulent. Governor Stanford, Senators Ensign, Craig, and Vitter have given true meaning to the phrase, “Do as I say…”

While spousal cheating is a bipartisan activity, it is the Republicans who claim moral superiority and thus, deserve the scorn and ridicule of all. Yet, I am sure that the governor will hold a press conference, shed some tears and ask for forgiveness. We being the forgiving people that we are we will probably show compassion and do so.

But please, save the applause for truly noble actions.


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