Idiot Watch: Republican S.C. Governor Mark “The Hiker” Sanford

Folks… This one is wierd!

I’ve got to hand it to Republican Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina. In the short life of this blog he holds the dubious distinction of being named LPL’s Idiot twice. His latest idiotic episode had him going AWOL from his governor’s post allegedly without informing anyone in the state government of his whereabouts.

Apparently, the Governor had decided to go “hiking” on the Appalachian Trail sans his security detail and without informing his own family. Boy… does this one smell fishy. Here are a few selected readers’ comments to the news taken from the Columbia SC newspaper The State:

Note: LPL admits to being extremely biased and has made no attempt to post comments defending the Governor’s actions.

  •  eharrisonjr wrote on 06/23/2009 01:13:24 PM:  My question is how soon would he do this if he were elected President. If he can handle the pressure of running South Carolina were he has a very nice Republican majority. How can he handle running the Nation with all of its problems.
  • XanderB wrote on 06/23/2009 01:04:29 PM:  So he takes off over Fathers Day Weekend. Nobody knows what he’s actually doing, but everyone gives conflicting stories. Now he was suddenly hiking? With no form of communication? Riiiiight. How about we hear what really happened? Or are we asking too much to have the truth given to us?
  • bronksgrl wrote on 06/23/2009 12:49:57 PM: I felt Gov. Sanford should have taken a hike a long time ago!
  • CaryG wrote on 06/23/2009 11:43:33 AM: The typical stay in detox is 3-7 days. Do the math.
  • rmcswain wrote on 06/23/2009 11:43:22 AM: Let’s see now, Obama spends father’s day with his family emphasizing the importance of fathers. Sandford of the “family values” party spends father’s day who-knows-where and according to his wife, was writing something and “wanted to be away from the kids.”
    Writing something on the AT??? Oh puleeze. Lugging a laptop I presume which would only have a few hours of battery life and no place to recharge it for miles. Yeah, right…
  • Stateworker wrote on 06/22/2009 06:07:24 PM: Does that mean he’s coming back……I’ll chip in 5 bucks if he stays where ever the hell he is………

And my personal favorite:

  • jerseyjack wrote on 06/22/2009 07:27:28 PM: Kinda reminds me of our former New Jersey governor, Jim McGreevy. He used to disappear sometimes, too.

For disappearing for nearly a week, without telling your wife or kids where you might be (during Father’s Day weekend no less) and leaving your state with no one in charge while you were “clearing your head”, South Carolina Republican Governor Mark Sanford… You are an IDIOT!


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