Idiot Watch: Republican Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty

As I have stated on numerous occasions in the past, the Republican Party really doesn’t give a damn about the people they allegedly represent. They only care about their political power and the benefits that said power can generate exclusively for themselves.


Case in point: The state of Minnesota.


The supreme court of the state has upheld the senate election results and its recount paving the way for Democrat Al Franken to occupy the seat formerly held by incumbent Norm Coleman, a Republican. Now if this were any other run-of-the-mill election, the winner of the recount – in this case, Mr. Franken would have been seated without much question. But because Mr. Franken will represent the cherished 59th non-Republican vote in the senate, opposition to his seating is vicious. Former Senator Coleman has vowed to continue his challenges. His continued fight for a reversal goes beyond being a sore loser. His continued actions border on unabashed political self-indulgence that has acquired a Robert Mugabe-esque quality.   


Governor Tim Pawlenty, a Republican has gone on record saying that he will not certify Mr. Franken until all legal challenges have been “exhausted”. This could mean a ridiculously lengthy battle that could end up in the U.S. Supreme Court. Mr. Pawlenty, who has national political aspirations, should be disgraced for this act of treacherous partisanship. It is obvious that the governor is under immense pressure from the Rovian wing of the RNC. The Republicans have all intentions of manipulating the legal system to prolong this mess. It is not surprising that these same Republican idiots have been vociferous in the past against this type of abuse of the legal system. In the meantime, the state of Minnesota will remain solely represented by Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party member Amy Klobuchar.


For placing your own political interests and those of your reprehensible party ahead of those of the constituents you were elected to represent…


Governor Tim Pawlenty, Republican governor of Minnesota, You are an IDIOT!


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