The Week In Review: 4/12/09

Lost in Space

North Korea has failed again in its attempt to launch an object into orbit. I wonder if they should just give it up. Leader Kim il Jong should follow the lead of his compatriots to the south. Start with automobiles and work his way up. Can you spell Hyundai?


Pardon Me

Former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori was sentenced to 25 years in prison for his role in human rights abuses in the 1990’s. He probably will serve just a fraction of his sentence should his daughter, Keiko, win in her bid for the presidency in 2011. She is the current front runner.  So much for justice.


Welcome Aboard

Staying in the Americas, the Fifth Summit of the Americas opens this week in Trinidad and Tobago. The island nation expects 6,000 dignitaries, journalists and other visitors. The problem is that they only have about 1,700 hotel rooms on the islands. The solution: Chartered cruise ships. The question is which ambassador gets stuck in the bottom bunk?


Do As I Say… Not as I…

Fifteen years ago, the first Summit of the Americas was held in Miami. The meeting produced a declaration against corruption that all nations signed. The result? Of the 34 signatories, nearly one-third have faced jail time, are under indictment or on the run. Way to go Americas!


Shake It Like a Polarizing Figure

A recent Pew Poll has found that President Obama is a polarizing figure. Republican talkers have made a big deal of this citing how few Republicans support the President. Why am I not surprised? Only George W. Bush managed to unite both the Republicans and Democrats… against his own policies.


Inherited Wars

President Obama has a crisis on his hands. No, not Iraq or Afghanistan but of all things… Pirates. Reportedly, pirates off the coast of Somalia are holding an American captain hostage. Yet, another conflict inherited by the President from a past administration – Not the Bush Administration but the Jefferson Adminsitration.




The world may be a funny place… but it’s the only one we have.


Have a great week!


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