Three Police Officers Shot and Killed: Republican Talking Point Partly To Blame

It was bound to happen sooner or later…


On Saturday morning, April 4th, 2009, an obviously deranged man, Richard Poplawski, shot and killed three police officers who responded to a domestic dispute between the alleged shooter and his mother at their Pittsburgh home. Sadly, this has become an all too common occurrence in the country. What makes this story more disturbing were the comments made by the mother, Margaret Poplawski, as to why her son had a cache of weapons in his possession.


According to the AP, Mrs. Poplawski told police that her son had been stockpiling guns and ammunition, “because he believed that as a result of economic collapse, the police were no longer able to protect society.”  It was also reported that the alleged perpetrator feared having his guns confiscated by the Barack Obama administration.


If I recall correctly, this unfounded fear was a major Republican talking point before and after Mr. Obama’s election. Republicans need to understand that there are some members of our society who literally believe the crap that they spew. It would not be surprising to see more incidents like this one play out in the future.  


I am a staunch first amendment advocate (see my Blogger Freedom site list), but that does not give people the right to yell “fire” in a crowded theater. Freedom of speech is the fundamental cornerstone of our democracy but it is time for the right wing to end the seditious commentary that characterizes their anti-Obama agenda. There are more constructive ways of expressing dissent without inflaming the passions of the lunatic fringe. Appealing to the base is one thing… A call to arms is a different story.



I hope that the next time people like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Bachmann, and others call for an “uprising” and or “revolution” they remember the three dead police officers and their families. These irresponsible commentators should be held criminally accountable for this and any future incidents.


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