Grading President Obama’s European Trip

As President Obama continues his presidential debut tour in Europe, there a few things worth noticing that highlight the nature of his management style thus giving us some insight into what to expect through out the rest of his presidential tenure.


Like it or not, the President has the charisma and political charm to disarm the fiercest of his opponents. His seeming non-confrontational style is a refreshing and savvy change to that of the outlaw “bring them on” style of his predecessor. To have mediated a dispute between diplomatic France and power house China reaffirmed the President’s campaign assertions that he was indeed ready to lead despite his thin foreign policy resume. Who do you want getting that 3:00 a.m. call now?


Mr. Obama has characterized America’s attitude towards Europe and the world as “arrogant”. On the other hand, he mildly scolded the Europeans for their anti-American sentiments. Again, the President has challenged these sociopolitical realities head on. Could you imagine Presidents Bush or Reagan taking this approach?  By making others feel like equals, Mr. Obama has strategically captured the political high ground. In a world on the brink of economic and political collapse, Mr. Obama has stealthily assumed the mantle of global statesman. Mark my words, the President is laying the groundwork for a diplomatic solution to the complex Iranian situation. Do not be surprised if there is a major break through before the Iranian presidential elections this June.  



During his town hall gathering in Strasbourg France, Mr. Obama delighted the crowd with his self-deprecating humor and wit. He has, in effect, humanized the presidency and in turn, humanized our nation in the eyes of the world. (Some thing the world needed to see badly) He pauses contemplatively while answering unscreened questions. There is nothing pretentious about his performances. He does not appear evasive in his responses. The Republicans mock the President for his lack of polish when not using a teleprompter. Yet, when the President improvises, he is confident, informed, and above all, articulate, reducing the Republican talking point to nothing short of hollow whining.


While in Europe, the President has yet to give any world leader a back rub and has managed not to run over police officers while riding bicycle. There have been no reports of the President throwing up on any one’s lap. He has not mispronounced any one’s name and has managed to correctly conjugate verbs.


As ludicrous as this may sound the derisive accusations by Republicans that Mr. Obama had messianic qualities may not have been too crazy after all.


In short, his performance to date has been brilliant.


His partial grade for this trip: A+




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