Republicans to President Obama: “You’re Doing Too Much”

President Barack Obama has maintained a hectic pace during his first 100 days in the oval office. He has promised health care and education reform, while attempting to manage the economic meltdown. Not all of his nominations have panned out. The executive bonus fiasco has been a major distraction. Yet, the President appears to be very competent in the art of multi tasking. Having few substantive issues to hang on to, the Republicans have come up with one of the silliest criticisms towards the President. Their new hollow critique is that he is “doing too much”.


I suppose that the Republicans would prefer a President that does too little than one that does too much. And why shouldn’t they want a part-time President? The last Republican President, George W. Bush, spent 977 days either at Camp David or at his ranch in Crawford Texas. In other words, Bush the Younger spent 33.4% of his presidency on vacation. That is more than 2½ years of his 8 year tenure! Another inconvenient fact is that President Bush had been on a month-long vacation barely 6 months into his presidency in 2001. Shortly upon his return, terrorists attacked. In a vacation sequel, the President was also on vacation when Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005.


George H.W. Bush spent 543 of his 1460 days as President on vacation (36.5%). The Great Communicator, Ronald Reagan was a pretty good vacationer in his own right, spending 335 days on vacation (11.4%). Contrast this with Presidents Bill Clinton (5.2%) and Jimmy Carter (5.4%).


No wonder Republicans think that government is broken.

When those who are supposed to run it… are on vacation.


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