Timothy Geithner Must Go! Progressive Economist Wanted.

Let’s get this straight. Senator Christopher Dodd (D-CT) did not  make it possible for AIG executives to collect these outrageous bonuses. He, in fact, had added an amendment to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 prohibiting this hideous act. It was the Treasury Department that lobbied Congress to remove this clause, thus allowing AIG and others to legally collect these bonuses. Although I am a liberal partisan, I will call out the Obama administration for dropping the ball on this one. Officials from the Obama administration made these payouts possible. But where did the pressure stem from? The Treasury Department! Led by whom? Timothy Geithner, a Bush appointee to the New York Fed.


It is time to let this guy go. Period… End.


I understand the President’s desire to have an all-encompassing bi-partisan administration. It was a noble gesture. I believe that my President believes that humans are by nature good hearted people. But, he screwed this one up. Geithner, is simply, one of them so to speak. He must have had knowledge of the Dodd amendment and had his people kill the effort to restrict bonuses. He was, in effect, helping his people.


President Obama. Cut your losses. It’s time to change course! Mr. Geithner is a liability and it’s time to bring on a Secretary of the Treasury who will advance the progressive agenda. Mr. Geithner is not the guy.


I have two names for you:


Robert Reich

Paul Krugman

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