Idiot Watch: South Carolina Republican Governor Mark Sanford

Another southern state.

Another southern politician.

Another stupid comment.



Gov. Sanford with former President Bush


South Carolina Republican Governor, Mark Sanford, in his infinite non-existent wisdom, is warning that President Obama’s stimulus plan will drive the United States towards a Zimbabwe-like recession. Ludicrous to say the least!


Okay let’s assume Governor Sanford knows a little bit more about global economics and geography than Sarah Palin. (The jury is still out) The governor has requested a waiver from the administration to be able to use stimulus money to pay down South Carolina’s debt. This obviously is not the intent of the stimulus and will not be allowed. The governor who has previously crusaded against extending much needed unemployment benefits to state residents. In his waiver request, he informed the President that he will not use stimulus money for unemployment benefits.


While the governor is making ridiculous comparisons, he fails to realize that it is South Carolina that is looking more and more like Zimbabwe; both neglecting its poor and disenfranchised.

Besides the second highest unemployment rate in the nation, South Carolina ranks 4th in the nation in infant mortality; behind the great Republican-run states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee. In 2008, South Carolina ranked #1 in violent crimes per capita. In 2007, the state ranked 47th in personal income. Not to mention that the state receives approximately 35% more in federal funds that it contributes to federal coffers. South Carolina also ranks 49th in high school graduation rates, 8th in occupational fatalities, and is ranked the 3rd least healthy state in the union according to the United Health Foundation.

Governor Sanford leads a state that is failing its residents.


I am sure that he cannot see the misery of its citizens from his mansion in Harare… I mean Columbia.


Republican Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina… You are an IDIOT!



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