The Change We Really Need

Now that the Obama’s Administration agenda is just about ready to hit a Republican wall, it is time to for the President to go through with his much promised “change for America”.

The nation is on the precipice of an economic and social catastrophe. The stock market continues to sink. The financial sector remains on life support, barely gasping for breath. The planet’s economic health rests almost exclusively with our nation’s financial stability. Social upheaval as a result of tough economic times is a real possibility in this country.

And while all this is happening, the Republicans and other obstructionists continue to play partisan political games. These shenanigans continue to leave this nation vulnerable. The Republicans simply do not care if the economy goes into the crapper. They are more concerned with the mid-term elections in 2010 than the immediate crisis. In addition, the Republicans are so ideological that they would be willing to see the administration fail than to credit it if it succeeds. That is a fact!


What the President needs to do is to alter his political course in fighting this crisis. Unfortunately, bipartisanship is only reserved for times of justified war. President Obama needs to get this picture and get it quickly. Bipartisanship is not the answer to this crisis. The President needs to act decisively and expeditiously and if the Republicans refuse to come along, then so be it. Mr. Obama needs to alert the nation that this is not simply another bubble bursting but a calamity with national security implications.

It may be early in the administration, but Mr. Obama needs to go “all in” on this issue. Should the President continue the current course of action and the economy fails (as predicted) he will be judged harshly. It is time to act boldly. After all, we did vote for change!


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