Idiot Watch: Senator John Ensign (R) Nevada

Though the District of Columbia was initially envisioned by the founding fathers as simply a dormitory for employees of the federal government, it has grown into a vibrant, mainly Democratic enclave of over 600,000 residents. These residents pay federal income tax yet they do not have a vote in the House. That’s called taxation without representation. After years of wrangling, the District of Columbia is on the verge of finally acquiring their representative.


Republican (Dirty) Politics as Usual


Republicans are crying foul over the constitutionality of granting D.C. a sure Democratic seat in the House of Representatives. Congress has plans to allocate an additional seat to Utah, a Republican stronghold, thus negating the political argument. Constitutionally, there are valid legal arguments on both sides.


Yet, leave it to a Republican to throw his idiotic two cents into this issue. As the District of Columbia continues its battle for fair and equal representation in the House of Representatives, Senator John Ensign, a Republican from Nevada has made use of the legislative powers of Congress over D.C. to introduce an amendment that would repeal the District’s strict gun control laws. The senator from gun-loving Nevada has willfully poisoned this important piece of legislation with a strictly partisan and obtrusive amendment. This smacks of pure issue driven politics. While Republicans champion “states’ rights” they find no problem in injecting their politics into what is simply a local issue.


Hypocritical Senator John Ensign of Nevada… You are an IDIOT!



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