Obama To Boycott UN Racism Conference; Big Mistake

The administration of President Obama has threatened to boycott the upcoming UN World Conference Against Racism in Geneva unless language equating the State of Israel’s policy of Zionism with racism is removed from the conference’s final communiqué. The conference is scheduled for mid-April and is a sequel to the contentious meeting held in Durban South Africa in 2001, where the U.S. and Israel both walked out. Objections have also been raised to the Conference raising awareness over the issue of slavery reparations, another sore point for the United States.

One can only conclude that this is world politics as usual.

Mr. Obama has missed an incredible opportunity to demonstrate to the world his progressive sociopolitical agenda. Although the administration has made good will gestures towards the Arab world, boycotting this Conference offsets any previous gains. Having Dr. Susan Rice, a lady of color, as the UN Representative to the United Nations, spearheading this travesty makes this episode even more regrettable.

The State of Israel presents a harsh political reality for the administration. Yet, the driving force of Obama’s sociopolitical legitimacy is severely undermined in the progressive world with this action. Mr. Obama and Dr. Rice are in a unique position to slowly erode the concept of Zionism as an acceptable form of governance, much the same way that apartheid was eventually discredited in the early 1990’s in South Africa.

Failure to moderate from our historic hard pro-Zionist stance smacks of hypocrisy in its most hideous form.

President Obama and Dr. Rice need to think this one over.


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