Mayor of Los Alamitos Ca. Dean Grose is a Racist!

This is the kind of crap that should piss every American off!  Republished with permission from JD at The Modern Left

Mayor Dean Grose is ignorant

Christopher at From the Left recently wrote about something that should be getting more attention. Apparently, while the media has been focusing on Bobby Jindal or whatever idiotic tripe comes out of Alan Keyes’ mouth, Los Alamitos’ Republican Mayor decided to send out an email.

The mayor of Los Alamitos is coming under fire for an e-mail he sent out that depicts the White House lawn planted with watermelons, under the title “No Easter egg hunt this year.”
Local businesswoman and city volunteer Keyanus Price, who is black, said Tuesday she received the e-mail from Mayor Dean Grose’s personal account on Sunday and wants a public apology.
“I have had plenty of my share of chicken and watermelon and all those kinds of jokes,” Price told The Associated Press. “I honestly don’t even understand where he was coming from, sending this to me. As a black person receiving something like this from the city-freakin’-mayor – come on.”

Here is the image:



Grose confirmed to the AP that he sent the e-mail to Price and said he didn’t mean to offend her. He said he was unaware of the racial stereotype that black people like watermelons.


…which is clearly horseshit. If Mayor Grose was truly ignorant of the racist stereotype about watermelons…what would be the point in the email? It would be completely nonsensical to send out an email about our first black President having a White House lawn full of watermelons if the watermelons signified nothing at all.
I have written about
the racism Obama’s election has sparked in the past…but this, coming from an elected official, is just offensive on a whole new level.

Citizens of Los Alamitos…I’m sorry your Mayor is a dumbass.


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