Governor Jindal: Not Ready for Prime Time

Following an inspiring speech by President Barack Obama is indeed a tough act to follow. Republican Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal now knows as does the rest of the nation.


To the lions!

The decision to have the Louisiana governor give the Republican response, I believe, was not coincidental. Where was the Republican Party leadership? The Republicans knew that following the President would be simply inconsequential, sound irrelevant and probably appear sophomoric. And it did! To his credit, the governor’s personal story was engaging. Had this been the Republican convention, it may have played better. Following the President, who is fast becoming recognized as one of America’s greatest orators, Governor Jindal purpose seemed confused; not very good for an aspiring presidential candidate. I am positive that Governors Pawlenty and Palin (other Republican hopefuls) must have watched this spectacle with a degree of morbid satisfaction.


What was he thinking?

Much to the nation’s surprise, Governor Jindal evoked the federal response to Hurricane Katrina as an example as to why government does not work. No governor, Hurricane Katrina is an example of how Republican controlled government does not work!


No one, including myself, doubts the governor’s sincerity to his cause. The Republican ideology is becoming more and more irrelevant and those who publicly and fervently espouse these views are looking more and more clownish. The circus must have been in town in Baton Rouge last night!


Here is Governor Jindal doing his best Bozo imitation and getting grilled on Fox!





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