Republicans Setting Stage For Obama’s Change

What in the world is the President thinking?

There are many progressives in this country who are angry, confused or disillusioned with President Obama’s handling of the political shenanigans that the Republican Party has indulged in during this time of crisis. His historic victory emotionally energized the progressive movement. Yet, less than a month into his presidency, there may be who now doubt his prospects of success. (Note: This writer is not included in this group). Given his resound electoral victory, his calls for bipartisanship appears somewhat incongruent. I strongly believe that there is a method to this somewhat bewildering approach.


What is going on here?

It would be palatable for progressives to see the President just go on the offensive and attack the opposition. I am sure that lingering in the back of liberal minds is the notion that it’s our turn to do to them what they did to us the past eight years. But, Mr. Obama may be looking beyond this natural “red meat” reaction in appeasing the party faithful. His broader goals may be more grandiose. And although I think that conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh is a mere propagandist, he nailed it right on the head when he recently declared that the President is out to change the political landscape for the next few generations. While the right wing has been pretty much diplomatic in their attacks on the President, they have assailed the legacies of the “New Deal” and FDR. Facing a nearly identical economic morass as was seen in the 1930’s, the Republican Party knows that their conservative ideology will be dealt a mortal blow should this President succeed as FDR had. Moreover, the Republican Party knows that President Obama is aware of this also.


Change is coming soon… but not just yet!

It is obvious that the current economic stimulus package is nowhere near the size that it should be to be effective. It has been reported that up to 42% of the “stimulus” is in the form of tax cuts that Republicans demanded be included. Let’s face it… the package will fail and the country’s downward economic  spiral will continue. When this happens, the President will then have all the pieces in place to enact a much broader and sweeping agenda that will forever change the political landscape. He knows full well that any plan that relies on the conservative tenets of increased tax cuts and the likes are destined to fail. The country is hurting badly now, but there are no images of Americans standing in line at soup kitchens. As cynical as this may sound, this may have to happen. Mr. Obama has already warned us of the troubles that lay ahead. When all is said and done, a package that will dwarf FDR’s New Deal will be clamored for, legislated and succeed. 


Repeating History

Like FDR, Mr. Obama commenced his presidency attempting to enlist the opposition in solving the nation’s economic crisis.  Like FDR, President Obama will eventually get the support of almost all Americans. Like FDR, Mr. Obama will enact changes that will dramatically change the definition of prosperity in this country for decades to come. Ironically, much like FDR, President Obama will have the Republicans to thank for the next Great American Progressive Revolution.


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