Senators Cornyn (R-Tx) and Bond (R-Mo) Are Afraid Of Terrorists!

In what can only be described as Republican obstructionism, Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn has begun the expected tactic of delaying the confirmation of Attorney General Designate Eric Holder.

According to reports, the senator has cited Holder’s “ambiguities” on issues of torture. Mr. Holder has been steadfast in stating that “no one is above the law”. It may be this statement that troubles Senator Cornyn. Many Republicans are simply crapping in their pants over the possibility that there may be criminal investigations and prosecutions over the use of torture.  Cornyn and others are just stalling.


In yet another display of folly, Republicans are now claiming that the terrorists held at Guantanamo are too dangerous to be transferred to prisons in the United States once President Obama closes the prison base. This assertion is outright laughable. Torture apologist John Cornyn in particular has sent a letter to President Obama stating that he does not want terrorists in Texas jails. Republican Senator Kit Bond of Missouri went on “Hardball” with Chris Matthews yesterday and echoed the same ridiculous talking point.

Again, these separatist senators fail to realize that their respective states are part of the union.

Senators Cornyn and Bond… you are both IDIOTS!




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