Obama Lets Republicans In On Secret… “I Won”


Barely 72 hours in office, President Barack Obama appears to be flexing a bit of political muscle at the White House.

Today, while meeting with members of both parties, the President took a few swipes at the Republicans. The President has been trying to build consensus for his economic recovery package since assuming office. Republicans are none too happy with the amount of money from the package directed to their coveted tax cuts.


The President realizes that it would be politically expedient to get Republicans on board, though he has enough votes in the House and Senate to get his plan passed anyway. Yet, he is acutely aware that the right wing smear and spin machine is still alive and well. Mr. Obama pointed out, “You can’t just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done.”  


Interestingly, when Republican Eric Cantor of Virginia voiced his objection to the President’s plan to increase benefits to lower income Americans, Mr. Obama responded, “I won” and “I will trump you on that.”


Republicans… meet our new President!


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