George W. Bush aka John Wayne

The late great cowboy/soldier actor John Wayne purportedly said, “Never apologize and never explain; it’s a sign of weakness”. Evidently the outgoing wannabe-cowboy/soldier/president that has occupied the White House for the past eight years shares a similar philosophy to the beloved actor.  

In what can only be described as a bizarre event, Mr. Bush gave his final press conference yesterday. (Is that applause I hear?) The out-going president used his entire arsenal (avoidance, misdirection, denial, falsehood, self-deprecation, and lecturing) while conducting this farce of a press conference. His tactics were no surprise.



 Mr. Bush again repeated that the federal response to the Katrina disaster was competent. He defended the nation’s actions in Afghanistan and Iraq. He had the temerity of stating that he inherited a recession! That is simply an outright lie. He inherited a budget surplus and leaves office with the greatest budget deficit in the history of this nation’s economy.  He continues to rely on the passage of time to vindicate his legacy, which may be wishful thinking. Never in the history of the presidency, has a president left office with such gutter-low approval ratings. (Even Nixon had better numbers) It’s going to take more than time for his legacy to be revived.



So, Mr. Bush as you ride off into the sunset after shooting up the town, we wish you well. I am sure the “Duke” would have been proud of you!


Download the Bush countdown clock here:


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