Jeb Bush For President: Fool Me Once…

“There’s an old saying in Tennessee – I know it’s in Texas – probably in Tennessee – that says – fool me once, shame on – shame on you. Fool me… you can’t get fooled again”.  -President George W. Bush, Nashville TN 9/17/2002

Having lived in the State of Florida during Jeb Bush’s tenure as governor, I am fully aware of Jeb’s proclivity to defending the neo-conservative tenets of governance. And though Jeb did not run the state into the ground, his departure was welcomed by many in the Sunshine State.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush

On Sunday, his father, George H. W. Bush or Bush 41, stated that he would like to see Jeb make a run for the presidency or the senate. God No! After 12 years of the Bush family running the country, do we really want another cycle of failure and despair. I have nothing against Bush the Elder. I believe that his tenure as President was competent. He had a tough act to follow but at the end, the country was suffering from “Republican fatigue” and ushered in the Clinton Era.

Now on the heels of the disastruous presidency of Bush the Younger, the mere suggestion of a Jeb Bush run for the highest office is simply nauseating and plainly not acceptable. While electing Barack Obama as President, the nation has delivered a mandate of repudiation to the neo-conservative Republican philosophy. Can Jeb Bush rally the Republican base and mount a credible challenge? He probably could. Will moderates and independents be duped into investing into the Bush equivalent of a political ponzi scheme? I certainly hope not. 

Brothers Jeb and George

One of the reasons  I was lukewarm to Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations was that had she won, and served a full 8 years, it would have meant that the presidency of this nation would have been held by either a Bush or Clinton for 28 years! Although our nation’s democracy is a representative democracy, it was not intended to reserve its highest office for the most prominent families. As is the case now with the New York Senate seat – Caroline Kennedy may be a nice person, but her bloodline does not automatically qualify her for office. Allowing family dynasties to run our country is simply not a healthy practice. Much like the Bhutto’s of Pakistan and the Nehru-Gandhi’s of India, allowing succession of power based on lineage leads to political feudalism; where the electorate becomes nothing more than voting peasants.

So, Mr. Bush, I appreciate your pride and enthusiasm in the abilities of your son Jeb. Had it had been Jeb in charge the past 8 years instead of George, I may have felt differently. But as it stands now, the nation is not, and may never be willing to have another Bush as President.


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