Iraqi Shoe Thrower Tortured; Headed to Court


Amid allegations of torture, Iraqi journalist and shoe thrower, Muntadhar al-Zaidi, has been scheduled to appear in open court on December 31st. He faces the charge of “aggression against a foreign head of state”.


If convicted the journalist faces up to two years in jail.


The allegations of torture has been made by the journalist’s brother, Uday al-Zaidi, who also claims that the letter written by his brother last week, asking forgiveness from Iraqi Prime Minister, Nuri al-Maliki, was done under duress and against the journalist’s will. The brother also contends that al-Zaidi has had a tooth knocked out, has cigarette burns, and has been beaten with iron bars and cables. Uday al-Zaidi also stated that his brother remains steadfast in his refusal to apologize to President Bush for the shoe throwing incident. It is also being reported that Mr. al-Zaidi plans to sue the Iraqi security forces for injuries incurred during his detention.


Torture and the threat of litigation… Yes it does look like American style democracy is taking hold in Iraq. Mission Accomplished!







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