Hossein Derakhshan: Iranian Blogger Is Still Missing


In today’s digital edition of the Telegraph, Neil Durkin, posted a piece regarding the disappearance of Iranian-Canadian blogger, Hossein Derakhshan. A prolific bilingual blogger, Hoder, as he is better known as, was one of the first Farsi language bloggers.  His English language blog, Editor: Myself  has not been updated since October 6, 2008. He has been detained by the Iranian government, possibly facing serious charges, since early November. He was visiting family in Iran at the time of his arrest.


Mr. Durkin reports that Hoder has had at least four phone communications with his family in Iran but has not spoken with them in quite some time. His physical condition or whereabouts are not known. His disappearance has been condemned through out the blogosphere. Iranian Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Shirin Ebadi, has recently called for his release.


Having no power to sway any governments’ foreign policy (my own children barely listen to me); I can only try to keep Hoder’s plight public and fresh. I urge my fellow bloggers to do the same. Silence and apathy on our part will only embolden those who oppose the ideals that drive our efforts.


As Mr. Durkin alluded to, it is real easy being a blogger in a society where you know your written words won’t lead to your arrest.


Again, I urge the government of Islamic Republic of Iran to unconditionally release Hossein Derakhshan.


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