Bush Hints Favoring Automakers Bankruptcy

Only the worst President in modern times could take this nation’s economic crisis and make it even worse with his absolute detachment. When asked today about his plans for the automakers assistance plan, Mr. Bush responded, “I haven’t made up my mind.” (are you kidding me?) Yet, the Undecider-in-Chief may have shown his hand when he stated, “I’m worried about a disorderly bankruptcy and what it would do to the psychology of the markets.” The only thing disorderly in all of this is his own psychological state of mind!

 The banking industry has been bailed out to the tune of over $300 billion dollars. The automakers are asking for 10% of that figure (in LOANS), and yet the President is concerned over “putting good money after bad”. He made this comment even after it was revealed this week that AIG has been doling out secret bonuses to its employees while the automakers begin to idle their plants. Mr. Bush did make it clear that he did not want saddle incoming President Obama with a “financial catastrophe”. (What?!!!)

Mr. Bush has demonstrated his inability to handle anything. The financial catastrophe that he wishes to avoid passing on to the next President is already happening. He can add the bankruptcy of our nation’s automakers to his incredible resume of failure.

Having set the record for most days on vacation during a presidency, it may be time for him to go on another.

 For the sake of this nation; Please Go!


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