Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: Restoring the Clinton Legacy


Now that Hillary Clinton has been tapped by President-elect Barack Obama to be the next Secretary of State, the Clinton legacy has a great opportunity to restore itself. After a grueling and nasty primary campaign that pitted the most popular modern day president against the new wave Obama movement, there appears to be a window of opportunity that the Clintons can exploit.


It is obvious that Hillary’s presidential aspirations are all but dead. Should she decide to mount a presidential campaign in 2016 she will be 69 years old and way past the prime of presidential candidates. The real prospect for political and global greatness lies with her achievements as Secretary of State. And the roadmap to success is clearly laid out. Should she succeed in her diplomatic affairs, the Clinton legacy will be set in stone for generations. What we cannot lose sight of is that the Clintons do not see themselves as supreme players on the American political stage, but as directors of an historical global theatrical production. Their objectives are more Gandhi-like than FDR. The Clintons want to leave their mark on the world not just in the USA. And there is a good chance that it will happen.


A Clinton State Department is in perfect position, with enough global goodwill and international political capital, to confront the world’s conflicts; it is not inconceivable to see Mrs. Clinton aggressively address the conflicts in Darfur, Zimbabwe, and the Democratic Republic of Congo within months of assuming her charge. By making these conflicts a priority, it will legitimize the Obama presidency and will create a great American global restoration movement. The world is anxiously awaiting this and we are in a position to deliver. She will also have to deal with the India-Pakistan crisis, a bolder Iran, a stronger Russia and of course, the China juggernaut.


Imagine for just one second… that under Hilary Clinton’s State Department, there is a permanent solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. What if the Middle East conflict is finally solved? Should Hillary Clinton achieve this, she will be hailed as a diplomat of historic stature. With Bill Clinton’s goodwill in the region, this realization is not just another unrealistic dream. The seeming failure of the Bush State Department should create an environment of heightened expectations and optimism.


Once accomplished, the Clinton legacy will be restored and the world just may become a better place.


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