The George W. Bush Legacy Part II – FUBAR

Part II of III

Hurricane Katrina

Costing the lives of nearly 2,000 residents and over $80,000,000 in damage, Hurricane Katrina provoked the most incompetent response to a national disaster ever seen in this country. Bush flew over the stricken area while aboard Air Force one the following day. While people were dying in the aftermath, Bush took the time to laud then FEMA Director Michael Brown with the infamous, “Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job.”   Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice did not feel compelled to interrupt her R&R trip to New York City. She was booed by the crowd at a Broadway show. The Bush response: “No one could have predicted the levees being breached”. The problem with that is that the administration was warned that the levees could in fact be breached! This ugly episode was nothing short of being criminally negligent.


No Child Left Behind

While campaigning for the presidency in 2000, Bush vowed to become the “Education President” if elected. After being elected, he got the No Child Left Behind Act enacted. Basically, school boards around the country had to institute rigorous testing as an indicator of student success and faculty effectiveness. Like most Bush initiatives, this was and continues to be a national disaster. Six years after becoming law, the NCLB act has proven to be failure.




Guantanamo/Renditions/Habeas Corpus

As a result of the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as, covert action in many more countries, the Bush administration chose to set up a prison system at a military base in Guantanamo, Cuba and other secret prisons around the world. By doing so, prisoners could be held there beyond the reach of American courts. Other enemy combatants were carted off to secret prisons where they were interrogated and presumably tortured. For the first time in our nation’s history we acknowledged that torture was an accepted form of interrogation. In addition, the Bush administration held that anyone could be held as suspected enemy combatants, even American citizens, with total disregard to Habeas Corpus.

Since its inception in 10/2001, total number of detainees: 775

 As of 11/2008, total detainees convicted of crimes: 1



Illegal Wiretaps

As part of the administration’s Global War on Terror, Bush signed an executive order in 2001 allowing for the interception of phone, email, text messages and internet activity without the approval from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. Contrary to his public pronouncement, that surveillance would not be conduct without a warrant, the NSA continues to conduct illegal surveillance of communication both in and out of the United States. American citizens are not exempt from this highly illegal and unconstitutional activity. When first reported by the New York Times in late 2005, the administration countered that the act pf domestic spying was not illegal but the public exposure of the act was! In 2008, it was reported that eavesdropping was conducted on military personnel, American Aid workers and journalist calling the US from overseas. Of the terrorist related conversations recorded were numerous “phone sex” sessions.

Terrorist plots deterred as a result of the illegal wiretaps: Undetermined

Number of orgasms recorded by illegal wiretaps: Undetermined



To be continued…

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