Obamanism: A Swinging Pendulum?

The elections are over and the people have spoken. So now the big question is what happens now? The stark reality is that after the celebrations have waned and we have finally gotten over the astounding uniqueness of the historical implications of these elections, the country must still be governed.

There is one certainty that this nation must come to grips with in the upcoming months as the Obama administration takes power. After months of the opposition preaching trepidation of “Obamanism”, there will not be a drastic political move to the left. Surely, there will be a shift from the present ideology but those who believe that President-elect Obama’s administration represents the political equivalent of shock therapy will be greatly disappointed. The idea that an Obama win will open the flood gates to a new ultra-liberalism is incorrect. President-elect Obama will be very much aware of the dangers of an ideologically driven administration and its potential to divide the nation. The neoconservative philosophy of the Bush administration, with all its patriotic virtue, has done more to divide this country than unite it. Obama will be remiss to institute a new paleoliberalism as the administration’s agenda. Shifting seismically to the left would be disastrous and Obama knows that. Governments that have a well defined center of gravity succeed in this day in age. Extremist policies result in unintended side effects.

The most ironic thing about the campaign was the assertion by the Republicans that an Obama administration would ruin the country because of his ultra-left liberal philosophy. I am sure that many in the Republican Party were looking in the rear view mirror and must have seen the wreckage left behind by the ultra-conservative ideology of the outgoing administration.

President-elect Obama has promised to institute a bipartisan administration. Anyone believing that the “Age of Obama” means the beginning of a new American collective is as ignorant as they are misinformed. The Obama administration will not be left of center but rather left of right, placing it pretty much at the center.

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