A Dream Realized

A November to Remember

I was a clu
msy overweight seven year old at the time, but I remember the look of disbelief on my mother’s face as she stared at our old black and white TV set on the evening of April 4th, 1968. There, frozen on the screen, was a picture of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I remember hearing from the old TV set the following, “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is dead.” That event will forever remain etched in my memory as one of the saddest.

Now, 40 years after that fateful tragedy, I thank the universe for giving me the good fortune to be alive for another monumental episode in our American history. As the sun rises on this, the 5th day of November of 2008, we are witness to the election of the first man of color to the presidency of the United States of America.

President-elect Barack Obama will undoubtedly be scrutinized as no other president ever has been. His judgment will be subject to second guessing and out right hostility. Sadly, I am sure that there will be many in this country who will never accept the legitimacy of his victory. The enormity of this achievement will be matched by the efforts of those who will try to diminish it.

President-elect Obama inherits a financial crisis of titanic proportions, military action in two countries, a world that does not trust us, and of course, the skepticism of almost half the American population. It is my hope that the Obama presidency be one that restores honor and integrity to the office of the president.

My children have only read about the achievements of Martin Luther King Jr. in school textbooks while I actually lived through the struggle as it happened. I am glad to be living this history with my kids in real time.

The late John Lennon, in his anthem “Imagine” sang, “You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…”

Never in my wildest dreams would I have envisioned a man of color becoming president of this great nation.

Thankfully, I was not the only dreamer.



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