The Sarah Palin Joke

How Republicans Put “Country First” and Endanger it Simultaneously.

As we rapidly approach America’s date with destiny, Sarah Palin has once again demonstrated her unbelievable incompetence and lack of knowledge regarding the machinations of the American government.
The self-described “hockey mom”, the puck-dropper-in-chief has been recently let loose to her own devices. Her handlers are now allowing a “let Sarah be Sarah” policy. The problem is that the real Sarah Palin is nothing more than a well liked populist with a very limited understanding of the office she is seeking. I am aghast that there are still individuals out there who believe that the Alaska governor is qualified to hold such an important position. I recall, when Obama first burst onto the national scene, he was derided with such terms as “rock star” and celebrity”. Now, our friends on the right, lacking any other valid talking point, have begun talking about Palin as a “Republican superstar”. She is credited with energizing the base of the Republican Party. In other words, she has managed to “turned on” that fringe element of the party that generally is ideologically myopic while remaining informationally challenged. Like a Viagra tablet to an ED sufferer, Palin’s personality has managed to harden the so-called base. But let’s face it, she may be a likable person but you have to have talent to be a superstar and in terms of politics, foreign affairs and knowledge of the Constitution, Sarah Palin, has the talent of William Hung.

Let’s take a look at Sarah’s evolution throughout this campaign cycle.

When she was first approached with the rumors of her being considered for the Republican ticket she had this to say….

After accepting the nomination and being interviewed by ABC’s Charlie Gibson she had this nugget…

Did I mention she was an avid reader? (with Katie Couric)

Oh. And who can forget her stunning ignorance as she answered a third-grader’s question about what the Vice-President’s job description was…

And yesterday, she had no clue as to how the First amendment of the CONSTITUTION is applied.

Folks, this is beyond funny and sad. This is outright frightening! Pundits are referring to Sarah Palin as the future of the Republic Party. That’s not saying much for the party!

Feel differently? Leave a comment and let’s discuss it!

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