Florida Election Special: The Last Person Left Endorses…

In 7 days YOU DECIDE. Your vote counts!!! Here is my take on the Florida races, Constitutional ammendments and county ballot initiatives.

Barack Obama/Joe Biden (D)
This is real no-brainer. While Obama talks about change, McCain talks about Joe the Plumber. Though not too experienced, Obama appears to have the intellect of a good president, something missing from the oval office this century. As for Sarah Palin… Can we actually send her to Russia?

Florida Congressional D-16
No endorsement
Self-confessed adulterer and soon to be divorcee, Democrat Tim Mahoney, who replaced Republican pedophile Tom Foley, does not deserve to hold office. One can only wonder if there is anything in the water supply near Lake Okeechobee. Just write in your own name. Who knows? You may actually win.

Florida Congressional D-17
Kendrick Meek (D)
If this race were a boxing match, it would have been stopped during the singing of the national anthem. Challenger Fernando Steven Neira is nowhere to be seen or heard.

Florida Congressional D-18
Annette Taddeo (D)

The CEO of a language interpretation and translation company, Taddeo may fall somewhat short. She has self-financed her campaign to the tune of $350,000+. Though the anti-Republican wave is strong, it’s still Ileana Ros-Lehtinen’s race to lose.

Florida Congressional D-19
Robert Wexler (D)
Again, a no contest here is expected.

Florida Congressional D-20
Debbie WassermanShultz (D)
This is my voting district and she definitely has my vote. She has gotten a lot of face time on CNN and MSNBC as of late. Challenger Marc Luzietti is not even on the radar.

Florida Congressional D-21
Raul Martinez (D)
The former Hialeah mayor has a real shot at dethroning Republican incumbent Lincoln Diaz Balart. Even though he’s a Democrat, the Cuban community of Hialeah loves him. There are corruption issues with both candidates but how can you not vote for a guy who looks like a Latin Boris Yeltsin?

Florida Congressional D-22
Ron Klein (D)

Upstart Ron Klein should win this one with ease. Boca Raton keeps the Democrat.

Florida Congressional D-23
Dr. Marion Thorpe (R) Incumbent Alcee Hastings has had a lock on this seat since 1992. Dr. Marion Thorpe, who is also African-American, is the former Florida Chief Medical Officer. He has very strong credentials. In this election, the Republican is the best man. It’s a shame he won’t win.

Florida Congressional D-24
Suzanne Kosmas (D)

This one is going to be good folks. Incumbent Republican Tom Feeney is on the ropes and is ripe for the picking. Feeney has apologized for hitching a ride with Jack Abramoff to Scotland in 2003. Look for voting irregularities in this one.

Florida Congressional D-24
Joe Garcia (D)

Another Diaz Balart, this time Mario may be looking for a new job in January 2009. Mario has brought in substantial federal funds for Everglades restoration (which by the way, McCain had fought against). It’s time to sunset the Diaz Balart dynasty.

Florida Constitutional Amendments

Number 1: Declaration of Rights
Vote YES
This will do away with the “Alien Land Law”. This stupid law was enacted to prohibit Asian immigrants from owning land in Florida. It was stupid back then and it it’s stupid now.

Number 2: Marriage Protection
Vote NO
This is yet another attempt to discriminate.

Number 3: Residential Property
Vote YES
This gives tax breaks if you make improvements on residential property for energy efficiency or windstorm protection.

Number 4: Conservation
Vote YES
This will encourage land conservation.

Number 6: Waterfront
Vote YES
This will give a tax break for marinas to remain marinas and not become condominium property.

Miami-Dade County Issues

Question #1: Strong Mayor
Vote NO
We all know that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This is a stinker.

Question #2: Commissioner’s Salaries
Vote NO
This would raise the salary of a commissioner from $6,000/year to $92,000. Many have commented that at a $92,000 salary, commissioners would be less likely to indulge in corruption. Yeah right! Has any one realized that this is Miami-Dade?

Question #3: Office Qualification
Vote YES
Now you can get on the ballot by petition as well as by filing.

Question #4: Petition Initiative
Vote YES
This will requires the County Commission to hold public hearings when a petition is approved for a ballot.

Question #5: Petition Initiative
Vote YES
This will give the Clerk of Courts the power to approve initiative petitions on the ballot and not the County Commission.

Question #6: County Fire Rescue
No opinion

Number #8: Community Colleges
Vote Yes This allows for a small tax increase for 5 years to fund community colleges.

Judicial Retention Elections
Vote YES to RETAIN ALL the judges.

Clerk of Courts
Harvey Ruvin

Broward County Initiatives

Create Metro Transit Authority
Vote NO
This initiative will duplicate what already is in existence. Dumb!

Commission Non-Interference
Vote YES
This initiative would strengthen the ban on interference by county commissioners with county staff who report to the county administrator. It’s common sense.

Commission Voting Conflicts
Vote YES
This would ban commissioners with conflicts of interest from DISCUSSING any issue and forces them to leave the chamber rather participate in the discussion and then recusing him/herself from the vote.

Regional/County Focus Policy
Vote YES
This question makes clear that county government’s role is countywide and regional, a reinforcement of its present role. It is a statement of the obvious.

Create Broward Housing Council
Vote NO
This is simply not necessary.

Park Preservation Policy
Vote YES
This would prohibit the sale of county-owned parks unless 60% of voters agree.

Environmental Ordinances
Vote YES
This is a policy statement for fighting global warming on a local level.

Create Ethics Commission
Vote YES
Who can be against an Ethics Commission?

Hiring a Redistricting Consultant
Vote YES
If this consultant is truly independent of partisan politics, this is a good idea.

Management and Efficiency Meetings
No Opinion

Broward County Sheriff
Al Lamberti (R)
Another Republican endorsed by LPL? Having actually met the guy, I actually like him. He succeeded convicted felon Ken Jenne (D) and has really brought the BSO into line.

Feel Differently? Leave a comment and let’s discuss it!


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