The Hunt for Reds in October

The Republicans are escalating their attacks against the Communists!

The Republican Party fear machine has been out in full force the last few days. Sarah Palin’s comments while on the stump in Des Moines Iowa last weekend actually suggested that Barack Obama’s tax plan would lead to a communist state. Interestingly, John McCain has now added to his rhetoric the perils of “one party rule”. Florida Senator Mel Martinez was quoted as saying “…Where I come from, where I was born, they tried that wealth redistribution business. It didn’t work so good down there. That’s socialism, that’s communism, that’s not what Americanism is about.” Joe McCain, the brother of the Republican nominee, also chimed by referring to the Arlington and Alexandria areas of northern Virginia as communist country. Not to be out done, ultra-conservative spinster, Bill O’Reilly called Obama a communist while on “The View”. Today, while speaking in Dayton Ohio, John McCain continued to characterize Obama and the Democrats as wealth redistributors.

Sarah Palin’s red-baiting is particularly interesting in so far as she is the governor of Alaska, the one state that actually practices socialism. In Alaska, every citizen receives $2,000 annually from the state’s permanent fund as a result of a tax levied on oil companies. Palin championed a measure where the state government doled out an additional $1,200. Talk about spreading the wealth!

The truth is that there is a real problem with the disparity in wealth in the U.S. The top 1% controls a staggering 38% of this nation’s wealth, whereas, the bottom 40% controls less than 1%. To some, this may be meaningless but, this gap in wealth can have catastrophic consequences. One of the main triggers of the Great Depression was the huge gap in the distribution of wealth.

So call me a socialist but come Election Day, I’m voting for the so-called “Bolshevik” (even if he’s not one!).

Feel differently? Leave a comment and let’s discuss it!


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