So Now… I’m a Communist!

An email response from a “friend”.

This morning when I checked my email, I came across this correspondence (in Spanish) in my inbox. As you can tell, McCain backers are desperate and as a final resort have turned to name calling and slanders. BTW, the writer has been removed from my mailing list…Good riddance!

from: Name removed
date: Thu, Oct 23, 2008 at 8:39 PM
subject Re: How The Republicans Will Try To Steal The Elections.

Companero Comunista,
Te pido de favor que no me envies mas mierda retorica y socialista.. Que sea lo que sea, que gane el que gane. Me importa un divino carajo. A Como salgan los resultados electorales, Este Grandioso Pais que es Los Estados Unido de America va a seguir igual. Y el restos del mundo nos va a tener que CHUPAR hasta el cabito.
La Republicana hasta las TAMBORAS y a muchisima honra!


On Fri, Oct 24, 2008 at 7:39 AM, Hernan Febres wrote:

Dear Name removed,
Sounds to me that you have finally come to terms with the inevitable defeat of McCain/Palin. That notwithstanding, I will remove you from my mailing list. It is not surprising that you have to resort to name calling and the likes…
I am sure that my readers will enjoy reading your email (without your name). It just reinforces the stereotype of the ignorant Republican that you are.
I wish you well.

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