The Campaign to Nowhere

What to expect from the McCain camp as it heads to, well, nowhere.

As the Election Day of judgment draws closer, I am becoming increasingly anxious over what will constitute Republican nominee, John McCain’s final push in his bid to reverse his fortunes in the polls. States that voted for George Bush in 2004 and 2000 are now in play or outright favoring Democratic nominee, Barack Obama. Florida, Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina, Missouri, Colorado and Nevada – with its combined 100 electoral votes are leaning towards the Democrats. Traditional red stalwart states like Georgia, West Virginia, Indiana, and Montana appear to be moving within striking distance. (View interactive Electoral map) The clouds are darkening over the McCain-Palin ticket and there is every indication that the storm may be severe. And the campaign is low on cash.
What should we expect from the McCain-Palin camp?
We have already seen that the Bill Ayers non-controversy did not help the Republicans. Obama’s lack of foreign policy experience has had little traction. The Socialist/Muslim smear has actually hurt the Republicans. There is talk that Reverend Wright may be back in play. There has also been some talk about “Obama’s drug dealer”. I think that this may be the next angle the McCain camp may take, partially in response to an unflattering profile of Cindy McCain in the New York Times, where her past drug addiction was mentioned.
We must prepare for the worst smears and innuendos yet in this campaign.
The nation is holding its collective breath. In the meantime, we are all turning blue.

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